What is Monami Frost Age? Her Husband, Bio, Youtube

Monami Frost is a well-known British tattoo model, YouTuber, and entrepreneur who is best known for her body modifications and tattoos that cover the majority of her body. Monami has a YouTube channel where she shares makeup tutorials and tattoo tips promote a raw vegan diet, and encourages body positivity.

Age of Monami Frost

Monami Frost was born on January 5, 1994, in Northern Europe’s Baltic region. Monami has not revealed any information about her mother or father or what they did for a living. Monami has also not disclosed any information about her siblings or other family members. Monami became a mother at the age of 15 years.

Personal Statement

Monami Frost will be 29 years old in 2023. Monami is Latvian, and she has the Capricorn personality traits of confidence, courage, nationality, dedication, passion, persistence, and hard work. Monami likes to travel, get tattoos, sing, cook, read, write, blog, and spend time with her friends and family.


Monami Frost has not disclosed any information about her educational background or the institutions she attended. Based on her age, she may be a university graduate until she decides to quit or drop out and pursue her dream.

Net Worth of Monami Frost

Monami Frost has been active since 2013, with almost a decade of consistent hard work and determination. Monami’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Height of Monami Frost

Monami Frost keeps her personal life private and has not revealed her height or weight. Similarly, she has not disclosed her body measurements, including chest size, hip size, waist size, shoe size, and dress size. Monami has a light complexion and black hair. She has very attractive and addictive hazel-colored eyes, which compliments her looks.


Monami Frost became a mother at the age of 15 when she gave birth to her daughter Gabriella, the biological father of whom is unknown. Monami is married to Anrijs Straume, a well-known tattoo artist, and he works at the tattoo studio “Bold As Brass Tattoo Co.” The couple is content and proud parents of their first child, Neo.

Monami Frost’s Career Line

Monami has her own clothing line and owns a vegan burger restaurant in Liverpool. Monami has written a cookbook with vegan and gluten-free recipes for living a healthy lifestyle.

Monami first became interested in body modification when she was 10, and she had her first surgery when she was 11. Monami’s first surgery was to remove a mass of tissues above her right brow. She had appendix surgery when she was only three years old. Monami began getting tattoos, and her single step helped to break the taboo in Europe.

Monami has tattoos and piercings, and she has done all of the piercings on her own body. Monami launched her YouTube channel on December 2, 2012. She did, however, post her video on December 19, 2013. Through this channel, she focuses on tattoo tips, questions and answers, videos, makeup tutorials, vegan recipes, and family vlogs.

Monami’s clothing line has an online clothing line called “frost streetwear,” which is inspired by her style. She also collaborated with “The Vegan Kind,” the UK’s most popular vegan subscription box that specializes in trading subscriptions for lifestyle. Monami owns “Frost Burger,” a vegan burger shop in Liverpool, as well as the cookbook “Vegan Home Cooking with Monami Frost.”

Social Media

Monami Frost is a frequent user of social media. Monami is on Instagram as @monamifrost, where she has 1.6 million followers and 4374 posts as of March 2022. Monami Frost RU is Monami’s YouTube channel, which has 159k subscribers.