Karl Urban’s Ex-Wife Natalie Wihongi Age, Net Worth, Married, Kids, Bio

Natalie Wihongi is a well-known make-up artist and the ex-wife of actor Karl Urban.

Early Life of Natalie Wihongi

She was raised in Auckland, New Zealand, and is of Caucasian ethnicity and New Zealander nationality. When it comes to her age, Wihongi is probably in her forties. Details about her educational background, on the other hand, were kept private.

Natalie Wihongi’s Makeup Career

Natalie developed an interest in make-up shortly after graduating from Epsom Girl’s Grammar School. Soon after, she began her professional makeup artist career. In the year 2000, she was hired as a make-up artist for the film Privateers.

During the movie The Privateers, she met her former husband Karl for the first time. She later worked as a makeup artist in Christine Jeffs’ romantic drama Rain, which was based on Kirsty Gunn’s 1994 novel of the same name. There is little information available about Natalie’s professional career, they rose to prominence as a celebrity ex-wife.

Married Life of Natalie Wihongi

Natalie Wihongi is no longer married to her husband Karl Urban. She used to be a happily married woman. Her current relationship status, however, is unknown to the public.

Natalie married Karl in September 2004 in front of friends and family members. However, the two met professionally in the early 2000s. Wihongi is currently living a low-key existence.

Kids of Natalie Wihongi

Prior to her marriage to Urban, they already had a son, Hunter Urban, born on December 16, 2000. On June 28, 2005, they welcomed their second son, Indiana Urban, into the world.

The Indiana Jones franchise inspired the names of both of their sons. Her sons have a private life. Hunter, her elder son, is very active on Instagram and frequently shows off his love for dogs as well as his fishing skills. Despite their divorce, they kept a positive relationship for the sake of their children. In addition, the ex-accomplice couples chose to co-parent their children.

Natalie Wihongi’s Divorce Reason

Wihongi and Urban’s marriage was going well. Unfortunately, disagreements began to plague their relationship, and they were unable to resolve the issues. After being married for about ten years, reports of their divorce surfaced in 2014. Following their divorce, the couple expressed

”It is with an incredible lament that we, Karl Urban and Natalie Wihongi, have settled on the shared choice to isolate”

They added yet again,

”We are focused on keeping up our family relationship cooperating to guarantee that our kids are influenced as meager as could be expected under the circumstances”

Natalie Wihongi and Karl Urban’s Life After Divorce

Karl Urban began dating Katee Sackhoff in 2015, following his divorce. Their relationship, however, ended in divorce in 2018.

Natalie and Karl both keep a low profile in their personal lives. We can only guess whether they are single or married because there is no official information.

Net Worth of Natalie Wihongi

Natalie needs to make a decent living as a make-up artist. Natalie Wihongi has an estimated net worth of $800,000, according to reports. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a makeup artist is around $47,917.

Natalie’s ex-husband, Karl Urban, has an estimated net worth of $20 million from his career as an actor. Urban has amassed a sizable fortune from his acting career.

House of Natalie Wihongi

Natalie and her family live in an opulent mansion worth $3.58 million (NZ$5.4 million) in Auckland’s Herne Bay neighborhood. However, following the divorce, she sold the house for $4.18 million (NZ$6.65 million). They also shared another five-bedroom manor in Herne Bay worth $956,000.

Current Situation Natalie Wihongi

Natalie Wihongi has been living a comfortable life in Auckland City, New Zealand’s North Island. She has made it a point to keep her life private since returning to New Zealand, so the majority of her life is shrouded in mystery.

Wihongi has also kept everything from the media. Natalie has kept things low-key since 2016, and we hope she is happy and healthy.