Nick Austin Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Parents, Bio

Nick Austin is a TikTok and social media influencer from the United States who has gained worldwide acclaim. Females are crazy about this young star because of his great body and handsome looks. He is one of the fortunate youngsters who have quickly established themselves in the online world.

The best thing about Nick Austin is that he consistently posts new content. That is one of the main reasons his fan base is growing by the day. He has a large family on TikTok as the official member of the Hype house.

According to the resources, Nick Austin has a Psychic and intuitive ability that he uses in various situations. He is extremely self-protective, but he is always concerned about others. He is the type of person who wants to give to others but never expects anything in return. That is the main reason he is well-known in the Sway house, and most people adore him because of his habits.

Age of Nick Austin

In 2022, Nick Austin will be 21 years old. His birthplace is San Diego, CA, and he was born on July 1, 2000. Aside from that, Nick Austin is a school graduate, but the name of the institution is not known at this time.

Nick Austin was born and raised in San Diego; his mother is Jo Anne Taylor, and his father is Robert Austin. Maddi Austin is his one and only sister.

If we consider his mother, she is a housewife. His father, Robert Austin, on the other hand, is a Real Estate Agent.

His family members are a constant source of encouragement for his account. That is the main reason he is now earning a lot of money and respect all over the world.

When we talk about his ethnicity, he is white. His religion, however, is Christianity.

Nick Austin’s Girlfriend

Nick Austin Dating’s life is full of rumors and actual news. Initially, fans and media outlets reported on his relationship with TikTok star Avani Gregg. The reason for associating with Avani Gregg is that he has posted numerous pictures and videos in which Avani Gregg was always present.

Nonetheless, Nick never confirmed the news. Furthermore, Avani Gregg is in a relationship with Anthony Reeves, which puts all of this to rest.

Following Avani Gregg, Nick Austin’s name was also associated with Madison Beer In 2020, which the young star accepted in various locations.

Madison Beer is a well-known pop singer whose work was also praised by Justin Bieber in his tweet. Nick Austin and Madison Beer look great together, and they’ve been dating since 2020.

Nick Austin’s Net Worth

Nick Austin’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000. He has approximately 10 million active TikTok followers and over 3.5 million Instagram followers. As a result, he earns a lot of money from sponsored posts, endorsements, and promoting major brands.

Aside from that, he is a fantastic entertainer. That is the primary reason he is affiliated with various local entertainment companies, which also serves as the primary reason for his income cycle.

In addition, he is a member of the TikTok Group “The Hype House.” It’s the house where many of the top social media stars live. As a result, earning a substantial amount of money is also possible.

Professional Career

Before Fame, Nick Austin was just like any other teenager who liked to study and play sports. However, when he first uploaded the TikTok video in 2019, he had a very lucky year. It was the same year that one of his videos with a friend went viral and helped him make a name for himself on the Internet.

Following that, he began posting unique and engaging content on a daily basis, propelling his account to the point where millions of people became his permanent followers.

He then created an Instagram account and began posting regular content there. Fortunately, he was able to push that account to the Million followers list.

After his accounts grew to millions of followers, he began acquiring brand deals, promotions, and sponsored posts, which have become his primary source of income.

Keeping his TikTok followership, he was also offered the opportunity to become an official member of a TikTok group, “The hype house,” where all the top Tiktokers live together.

He is currently working on his personality in order to get a chance as a model and then as an actor to fulfill his acting passion.

Height and Weight of Nick Austin

Nick Austin lives a very healthy lifestyle and used to stick to his meal times. As a result of these factors, he weighs approximately 63 kg.

According to the most recent data, his body measurements are approximately 40-26-35, and his height is nearly 5 feet 9 inches. He used to wear 10.5(US) size shoes and has 21-inch biceps.