Nicolas Sturniolo Bio, Real Neme, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Bio

Social media influencer Nicolas Sturniolo is well-known. Nicolas Sturniolo is a frequent user of social media platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Age of Nicolas Sturniolo

Nicolas Sturniolo was born in Boston, Massachusetts on August 1, 2003. He is currently 19 years old. He is Marylou and James Sturniolo’s, son. His brother Christopher and Matthew are his triplets.

Nicolas Sturniolo
Caption: Nicolas Sturniolo (Sources: Biograpyer)

Justin Sturniolo is his older brother. His brothers Christopher and Matthew are active and famous on social media like his brother

Nicolas, along with his brothers Christopher and Matthew, was born as a brother. He was born and raised in Massachusetts, USA, and is now 19 years old. Since his childhood, he has wished to achieve fame and become a celebrity.

So, alongside his studies, he joined the social media platform at a young age. His two brothers followed in his footsteps and joined him on his journey. His astrological sign is Leo. He adheres to Christianity.


In Boston, Massachusetts, Nicholas attended a private high school. He later enrolled in and graduated from university.

Professional Career

Nicholas began his social media career at the age of 17 years. In February 2020, he began his journey on TikTok, a popular app for creating short videos.

Nicolas Sturniolo
Caption: Nicolas Sturniolo (Sources: Instagram)

He began posting short videos in which we can see him dancing to various songs, trying various types of food, and lip-syncing in various videos. His video went viral, and he gained recognition and followers.

He began collaborating with other influencers, which propelled him viral in a short period of time. He then launched an original TikTok series called “Nick Tries Things!” in which he tries food from various brands for his fans.

To date, his TikTok account, “nicolassturniolo,” has 3.2 million followers and 80.1 million likes. He and his other two brothers also have a TikTok account called “Sturniolo triplets,” which has 3.3 million followers and 79.6 million likes to date.

He is also well-known on Instagram, where he has 1.5 million followers and regularly posts photos and videos with motivational captions. His Instagram post likes range between 210k and 250k. Nicolas Sturniolo is also well-known on YouTube, where he maintains two channels.

One of his brother Matt’s and Chris’s channels has 2.55 million subscribers. They post videos about blindfolding challenges, Q&A, and other interesting topics on a regular basis. The average number of views on their channel ranges from 800k to 1.2m.

Their most viewed video on YouTube is “Reacting to Fan Fictions about us *uncomfortable,” which has 6.6 million views and 393 thousand likes. He also has a personal YouTube channel called “Nicolas Sturniolo.”

He launched this channel about two months ago, with only one introduction video. There are already 204k subscribers on the channel. It demonstrates his social media popularity.

Brand Endorsements

He receives sponsorship from various brands as a result of his large number of social media followers. Furthermore, he has received no awards or nominations to date.

Relationship Status of Nicolas Sturniolo

When it comes to his personal relationship, Nicolas has always kept it private. He has publicly admitted to being gay.

Nicolas stunned everyone when he publicly revealed his gender. His admission that he is gay has sparked debate among his fans.

Net Worth of Nicolas Sturniolo

Nicolas earns money from a variety of sources, but social media accounts for the majority of his earnings. He has a massive following across all social media platforms. He is estimated to have a net worth of $600,000 dollars.

Height of Nicolas Sturniolo

Nicolas enjoys working out and taking care of his body. Everyone is taken aback by his physique. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 64kg. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

Social Media

Nicolas is well-known and active on a variety of social media platforms. On Instagram, he has approximately 1.7 million followers (@nicolassturniolo). His personal TikTok account (@nicolassturniolo) has 3.2 million followers, and his triplets’ TikTok account (@sturniolotriplets) also has 3.2 million followers.

His personal YouTube channel (Nicolas Sturniolo) has 204k subscribers, and one with his triplets (Sturniolo Triplets) has approximately 2.55 million subscribers. He is also on Snapchat (nicolassturn) and has approximately 144k followers.