Nik Hirschi Net Worth 2023, Age, Wedding, Bio

Nik Hirschi is a well-known businessman who rose to prominence after marrying Alexandra Mary Hirschi, also known as Supercar Blondie.

Supercar Blondie is a social media personality known for her automotive reviews.

Age of Nik Hirschi

Hirschi was born in Australia in the year 1985. There is no information available on Nik’s parents or siblings. He is a private person who does not like to spill the beans about his family history, which includes his birthplace and date of birth.

The young and talented personality has now reached the age of 36, which is surprising because this celebrity wife appears much younger than people his age.

Hirschi is of Australian nationality and of unknown ethnicity. Apart from that, Nik’s moon sign has not been revealed.


Nik Hirschi earned a bachelor’s degree in communication from The University of Queensland before transferring to The University of Hong Kong for a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance. Since 2013, he has also served as a mentor to his students at UQ Business School.

Net Worth of Nik Hirschi

Nik Hirschi makes a good living as both a teacher and a career owner. He also earns money from social media because he is a social media star, which includes brand endorsements and advertisements.

His net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2022, and it will grow in the future as a result of additional work and projects.

Wife of Nik Hirschi

Nik Hirschi is married to Alexandra Mary Hirschi, also known as supercar Blondie. His wife is a social media influencer, presenter, and car enthusiast who rose to prominence by vlogging reviews of high-end vehicles.

The couple lives in Dubai and has been giving off couple vibes in several posts and photos together.

Professional Career

Nik Hirschi is a businessman and former banker who worked as an apprentice at Valiant Bank AG. Aside from that, he worked as a summer intern at Standard Chartered. After meeting Alxendra, he quit his job in banking.

He is currently Alxendra’s business partner and has worked as a managing partner at Supercar Blondie, public relations, business development, and strategy. He has made numerous appearances with his wife, presenting high-end and cutting-edge cars and automobiles.

Similarly, his wife is a well-known social media star known for her automotive videos that she posts on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Her Facebook page was named the fastest-growing auto page in the world in 2018.

Bugatti and Ferrari have advertised their products through her because she provides insight into supercar culture and shows people what it’s like to drive those cars in a light and fun way.

Height of Nik Hirschi

Nik is a tall man who stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 60 kilograms. His body measurements are 30-28-35 inches, which includes a 30-inch chest, a 28-inch waist, and a hip size of 35 inches. He has beautiful brown hair that complements his rare green eyes and mustache and beard.

Social Media

Nik Hirschi uses social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He has over 462k followers on Instagram, where his username is @nikcars.

He has nearly 410 posts on his Instagram account, which include his pictures, posts, and promotion of some brands, all of which are treated to his fans and followers as they express their opinions through comments and learn about their idol’s daily activities.

Nik Hirschi has been using Twitter since 2009 and tweets frequently. On Twitter, he has more than 200 followers.