Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-Wife Norma Gibson Biography, Net Worth, Kids, Fact

Norma Gibson is best known as Tyrese Gibson’s ex-wife. Tyrese Gibson rose to prominence after appearing in the “Fast and Furious” series, “Transformer,” and “Four Brothers.”

Early Life of Norma Gibson

Norma Gibson was born in London, the United Kingdom in 1981. As a result, she has British nationality and is of African-English ethnicity. Similarly, there is very little information available about her early life, parents, siblings, and family background. Mitchell is her middle name.

According to reports, she is Jewish and is from Israel. Norma’s nationality and birthplace rumors are put to rest after she hints subtly that she is British-born. Norma finished her high school education in London. However, information about her educational background is still lacking.

Husband of Norma Gibson

Norma Gibson was previously married to Tyrese Gibson. The former couple kept their relationship from the general public. When they filed for divorce in 2009, everyone found out about their marriage. According to reports, Norma Gibson married her husband Gibson in 2007. The couple obviously exchanged vows in a private but lavish wedding ceremony.

The couple’s marriage lasted only about a year. In 2008, Norma and Tyrese divorced and began living apart. They divorced a year later, in 2009. However, there is little information available about their married life. They also had a daughter, Shayla Gibson, despite only being married for a short time. Shayla, the former couple’s daughter, was born on July 11, 2007.

Custody Battle Between Norma and Tyrese

Following their divorce in early 2009, Norma filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles seeking a modification of their custody arrangement as well as a change in spousal and child support. In court documents, Norma claimed Tyrese was an absentee father who did not support her or their daughter Shayla. In 2017, she obtained a temporary restraining order against Tyrese and stayed away from both her and their daughter.

Norma accused him of abusing their daughter and was granted a restraining order against him as a result. Her ex-husband allegedly hit their daughter 12 to 16 times, causing the girl to complain that she couldn’t sit due to the pain. Later, Tyrese broke the order by hiring a plane to fly a banner over their daughter, Shayla’s, school. Following the incident, she filed a police report.

What Was the Reason for Norma Gibson’s Refusal to Work?

After Norma refuses to get a job of her own, the legal battles between ex-spouses continue. According to legal documents, she must work to become self-sufficient, but she is not following the terms of the exes’ court-ordered child support agreement. When Tyrese’s attorneys asked Norma what she was doing during a deposition, she replied that she was busy ‘living life.’

However, Gibson’s attorneys believe Norma feels no obligation to find work and contribute to the care of their daughter Shayla. Norma should provide receipts for the $25 per hour childcare costs because she does not work and should not require care in the first place.

Norma Gibson’s Net Worth

Tyrese, according to Norma Gibson, will simply pay for everything because he is wealthy. His recent financial difficulties, on the other hand, are well-documented. He is not contesting child support payments to his ex, but he is contesting her request for legal fees. Tyrese earns $51 thousand per month on average, but he spends $114 thousand per month on his mortgage, child care, groceries, and utilities, not including the $10 thousand he pays Norma in child support.

In addition, the report revealed that his $800,000 in savings has now been reduced to $130,000. Tyrese Gibson’s net worth, on the other hand, has dropped from $6 million to $3 million. As a result, his previous net worth was around $6 million. In addition, in May 2021, he listed a home in Woodland Hills, California for just under $3.5 million. However, in 2022, he reduced the price to $2.9 million. Norma Gibson’s net worth and earnings are unknown due to a lack of job information.

Concerning Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson, an American singer, and actor was born on December 30, 1978. Gibson released his self-titled debut studio album in 1998, which included the single “Sweet Lady,” which peaked at number twelve on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. He was born and raised in Watts, Los Angeles, California. Tyrese Gibson was raised by his mother, Priscilla Murray Gibson, and three older siblings after his father, Tyrone Gibson, left.

His acting career began in 2001 when he played in John Singleton’s coming-of-age hood film Baby Boy. Tyrese rose to prominence as Roman Pearce in the Fast and Furious franchise. He appeared in the superhero film Morbius in 2022.

Is Norma Gibson married?

Norma Gibson has kept her personal life out of the spotlight since her divorce from Tyrese. She has also made headlines several times during this time due to her and Tyrese’s custody battle for their only daughter. Norma has not publicly discussed her life after the divorce. Similarly, she kept her out of the public eye. According to reports, Norma has not married again.

Tyrese Gibson, her ex-husband, married his second wife Samantha Lee Gibson. On February 14, 2017, they married. On October 1, 2018, the couple became parents to a daughter, Soraya Gibson. Unfortunately, his second marriage ended in divorce when Samantha filed for divorce in October 2020, three months before Tyrese announced their divorce. As a result, both ex-partners are single.

Height of Norma Gibson

Norma Gibson is 1.70 m shorter in height than her ex-husband. Her body weight is approximately 63kg (138 pounds). Norma has dark brown hair and black eyes. She isn’t on Instagram, to be sure.