Priscilla Esterline Husband, Bio, Age, Net Worth 2023

Priscilla Esterline is a well-known personality who rose to prominence after marrying John Cougar Mellencamp, a famous American singer, musician, and songwriter.

Early Life of Priscilla Esterline

Priscilla Esterline was born on November 1, 1954, in the United States of America. Arvilla and LaVern gave birth to Priscilla, who had a brother and a sister. This young and talented personality would have turned 66 years old right now, but she died at the age of 57.

Priscilla Esterline is of American nationality and is of White ethnicity. Aside from that, she is a Christian, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio, a strong and independent zodiac that reflects a strong and independent personality.

Net Worth 2023 of Priscilla Esterline

Priscilla Esterline has made a good living and has lived a comfortable life. Aside from that, her husband John has earned a decent living and has an estimated net worth of around $30 million, which will increase through additional hard work and projects as he is a hardworking person.


Priscilla Esterline completed her high school education at a local high school before enrolling in a reputable university to further her education. Her ex-husband, on the other hand, attended Indiana University Bloomington and Vincennes University.

Height of Priscilla Esterline

Priscilla Esterline is a tall woman with average height who has always maintained an average weight. Priscilla, on the other hand, did not reveal her body measurements, such as her chest size, waist size, and hip size, because she prefers to keep such information private.

Aside from that, she has lovely blue eyes and blonde hair. On September 8, 2012, Priscilla Esterline died at the age of 57 in Adrian, formerly Tecumseh. At the time of her death, she was with her daughter and grandsons.

Married Life of Priscilla Esterline

Priscilla Esterline rose to prominence as the wife of John Cougar, a singer, songwriter, and musician who launched his career with the release of The Kid Inside, a follow-up to an incident in 1977 that began with a band called Crepe Sole. Following that, in 1978, he released his superhit song I Need a Lover, which was a massive hit in Australia and then reached the Top 30 in the United States.

After that, he received a lot of attention and a big break when his album American Fool was released, which was a chart-topping album, and then his next song, Uh-Huh, became one of three hit singles in the Top 10.

Professional Career

Priscilla Esterline married her long-term boyfriend, John Cougar Mellencamp. John and Priscilla dated for a long time before marrying in 1969 in an intimate ceremony with no information given to the public and kept private. John and his wife were blessed with a daughter named Michelle Mellencamp, but problems began to arise in their marriage, prompting them to divorce in 1981.

Priscilla preferred to live alone, but her ex-husband married Vicky Granucci in 1981. Vicky and John lived together for eight years before deciding to separate their paths and live as a single person. However, after that, John married Elaine Irwin in an intimate ceremony in 1992, but their relationship didn’t work out, and they divorced after a decade of marriage.

Social Media

When she was alive, Priscilla Esterline was not on social media. This generation is obsessed with their lives and likes to share them on social media so that their fans can enjoy and learn about them. She, on the other hand, lacked this craze and was a regular person who preferred to keep a low-key profile.