Rachel Ballinger Age, Height, Partner, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Gay, Siblings

Rachel Ballinger is well-known for her lighthearted videos and comedic vlogs about her life. She, too, is a YouTube personality.

Age and Siblings of Rachel Ballinger

Rachel Ballinger was born to Tim Ballinger (father) and Gwen Ballinger (mother). She was born on April 5th, 1991, under the sign of Aries. She grew up in the city of Santa Barbara with her siblings. Her three siblings include an actress and YouTuber sister, Colleen Ballinger, and two popular YouTuber brothers, Christopher Ballinger and Trent Ballinger.

Rachel is of mixed (English, German, Scottish, and Dutch) ethnicity and holds an American nationality. Many people are unaware that she was a child model for sunglasses. Rachel was homeschooled until the eighth grade when she transferred to a nearby high school. She was also on her college’s flag football team.

Professional Career

Rachel Ballinger created her YouTube account on September 25, 2006, but she didn’t upload or share much. She wasn’t very active on YouTube at first and didn’t take it seriously until she uploaded a video called ‘You Know What Pisses Me Off?’ in 2013. It’s turned into a series in which she complains about the mundane things that irritate her.

Ballinger regularly uploads various comedy videos to her YouTube channel. She has attracted several million subscribers to her YouTube channel, which now has over 1.7 million subscribers.

Rachel also began three other series. In 2014, she posted her first ‘Rachel’s Room’ video. Ballinger cleverly started something new, ‘Learning Sundays,’ in which she teaches a topic suggested by her fans, ranging from laundry to sex education.

She discusses anything that comes to mind that doesn’t fit into her regular series in her ‘Random Tuesday/Thursday’ videos. She appeared in her sister’s film ‘Miranda Sings: Selphelf’ in 2015 and began posting regular vlogs on her second channel.

She is also a social media star with over 1 million Instagram followers. Rachel, in addition to being a social media personality, has published a book titled ‘101 Things That Piss Me Off’ in 2017. Science Experiments with JoJo and Rebecca, Taking Off Sexy Clothes, Why Miranda Hates Me, 7 Second Challenge with Josh, Confessing My Dirty Secrets, and Volcanic Explosion with Colleen are some of her most popular videos.

Net Worth of Rachel Ballinger

Rachel Ballinger’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. According to reports, she earns $440,000 per year from her YouTube channel. Her primary source of income came from her work as a social media personality. According to reports, her YouTube channel earns an estimated $160 per day.

Similarly, Rachel lives comfortably and lavishly thanks to the money she earns from her professional YouTube career. Ballinger’s net worth and salary will undoubtedly rise in the near future as a result of her passion for YouTube and a healthy approach to pursuing it.

When did Rachel Ballinger break up with her boyfriend?

Rachel Ballinger and her boyfriend Matt split up in September 2020. The couple first met through a mutual friend and began dating in 2013. However, the couple split up for a while before getting back together in 2014. Her boyfriend Matt has also appeared in a few of her YouTube videos. Rachel’s sister Colleen posted a TikTok video in December 2020, leading fans to believe that the YouTuber and Matt had ended their relationship.

Fans noticed Rachel moving her finger down before laughing and exiting the frame when there was a video the video that said “put a finger down if you broke up this year.” The rumored breakup prompted fans to immediately inquire about the details with the content creator.

Rachel Ballinger Revealed Her Sexuality After break-up With Matt

Fans were surprised to see Rachel Ballinger’s candid vlog detailing her break-up with Matt; she is notoriously private about her personal life. She did later post a vlog in which she discussed how the split allowed her to fully explore her sexuality. Ballinger came out as gay in a vlog posted in February 2021. Later, in another video, she shared her coming-out story. Rachel elaborated

“I was in an eight-year relationship with a man, He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. When I am in a relationship, I’m a very monogamous person. I don’t look, definitely don’t touch,” “Therefore, I did not explore my feelings, or my thoughts, elsewhere.”

Rachel took a long time to break up with Matt, but she had planned to do so at the end of 2018. She stated;

“People think [that] maybe we broke up because I was gay,” “No, we broke up because the relationship was just dunzo. Once I emotionally detached is when I realized I was gay.”

Following the breakup, Ballinger was uninterested in any other guys. She didn’t appear to be ready to date again. She stated;

“Then one day, I’m laying in my bed and I’m scrolling through TikTok. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, TikTok is the reason I realized I am gay…” she continued. “I went on a TikTok deep-dive, basically, and went ‘Huh, I think I’m gay.'”

Rachel then began dating women and informed her loved ones about the changes in her life. She is currently dating her unidentified girlfriend. Ballinger, on the other hand, posted a lovely photo with her girlfriend on Instagram.

Height of Rachel Ballinger

Rachel Ballinger stands 1.72 m (5 feet 8 inches) tall. Her body weight is approximately 125 pounds (57 kg). Rachel has the following body measurements: 34-25-35 inches. Ballinger is a man with dark brown hair and hazel eyes.