Ramzi Habibi Net Worth, Age, Nationality, Wife, Kids, Parents, Siblings, Bio

Ramzi Habibi is a Managing Director at Oaktree Capital Management, a leading global investment management firm. He was best known as the husband of Masiela Lusha, an American actress, author, and producer. Masiela is best known for her role as “Carmen Lopez” in the American sitcom George Lopez.

Early Life of Ramzi Habibi

Ramzi Habibi was born in the United States on August 4th. We don’t know when he was born, but we believe he was born between the 1980s and the 1075s. He has not revealed any additional information about his family members, but we do know that he is of mixed ethnicity and of American nationality.


Ramzi Habibi has a good education. In his hometown, he finished high school. He later earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Finance, and OPIM from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

The university is regarded as one of the best business schools in the world. He then enrolled in the CFA Institute to obtain his Chartered Financial Analyst certification (CFA).

Professional Career

Ramzi Habibi holds a management degree. Habibi moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, after graduating from a prestigious business school, and interned at SHUAA Capital. In addition, he returned to New York and interned at PepsiCo.

Finally, Habibi worked as an Investment Banking Analyst for Lehman Brothers from July 2006 to June 2008. He became a Managing Director at Oaktree Capital Management in July 2008. Since then, he has worked for the company for over 13 years. He is still a Managing Director and Co-Director of Research for the company.

Husband of Ramzi Habibi

Ramzi Habibi is in love with Masiela Lusha. She is a well-known author and actress. She is one of the reasons Habibi is well-known in the media. The couple met in 2012 and began dating. The couple got engaged a year later, in July.

On December 8, 2013, they married. The couple exchanged vows at Coromandel Peak during their lavish wedding. Their wedding was held at Heli Wedding NZ. The wedding was held in a small intimate circle, but it was lavish. They flew two helicopters from Queenstown to Wanaka. The couple’s stunning photographs have been featured on the website Larrson.

The couple has been living a happy married life as of 2021. The couple has a son and a daughter, the names of whom are unknown to the public. They currently live in Los Angeles, California, USA. They also have a dog as a pet.

Height of Ramzi Habibi

Ramzi Habibi is most likely in his early forties. He stands tall and has an average body height. He has wavy hair and blue eyes. We have no idea what his exact body measurements are. He is straight in terms of sexual orientation.

Social Media

Ramzi Habibi is not a big fan of social media. He is, however, active on Twitter, which he joined in 2011. He has, however, been inactive on Twitter for some time. On Twitter, his handle is @RamziHabibi. Habibi is also on Instagram, where he has 138 followers that he has kept private. @ramzihabibi can put you in touch with him. He also has a professional LinkedIn account with over 500 connections.

Ramzi’s current Net Worth

Ramzi Habibi’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million in 2021. It is already obvious where he gets his millions. He lives a lavish lifestyle with his wife and two children. Masiela Lusha, his wife, is also wealthy, with a net worth of $2 million. They live a lavish lifestyle as a couple.