Rebecca Sneed Net Worth 2023, Age, Child, Bio, Height

Rebecca Sneed rose to prominence after her husband and brother-in-law were arrested for genuine wrongdoing in 1996. Rebecca’s husband Lyle and his brother Erik had murdered their parents Jose and Marry, and this news was widely publicized in 1996. The murder was ruled to be first-degree murder, and the perpetrators were convicted in accordance with national law.

Net Worth 2023 of Rebecca Sneed

Rebecca Sneed rose to prominence after her husband and brother-in-law were arrested for genuine wrongdoing in 1996. Rebecca’s husband, Lyle, and his brother Erik murdered their parents, Jose and Marry, in 1996. Rebecca’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 1.2 million.

Age of Rebecca Sneed

Rebecca Sneed has not disclosed any information about her birthplace or date of birth. Rebecca has also withheld information about her father, and mother’s identity, and what they did for a living. Similarly, there are no details about Rebecca’s siblings.


There is no information available about Rebecca Sneed’s educational background, including her educational level, field of education, educational degree, and institutions she attended. Her only educational information is that she is a graduate.

Height of Rebecca Sneed

Rebecca Sneed stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs about 55 kg. Rebecca’s body measurements are 36-28-40 inches, with 36 inches being her chest size, 28 inches being her waist size, and 40 inches being her hips size.

Rebecca has a light complexion and blonde hair. Rebecca, on the other hand, has very attractive and addictive grey-colored eyes that complement her appearance.

Personal Statement

Rebecca Sneed’s exact age has not been disclosed. According to her physical appearance, she will be in her mid-51s by 2023. Rebecca Sneed’s nationality is American, and she is of white ethnicity. Rebecca’s religion is Christianity, and her sexual orientation is straight.

Married Life of Rebecca Sneed

Lyle Sneed, Rebecca Sneed’s husband, married Anna Eriksson on July 2, 1996, in a ceremony attended by Abramson and his aunt and presided over by Judge Nancy Brown.

After a few years, they divorced on April 1, 2001, after Eriksson discovered Lyle was cheating on her with another woman. Lyle and Rebecca married in 2003 at Mule Creek State Prison’s visiting area, and it was revealed that they had known each other for more than ten years prior to their engagement.

Professional Career

Lyle and Erik Menendez are the Cuban-American brothers convicted in 1996 of murdering their parents, Jose and Marry. The offender claimed that they committed such an act out of fear of their father killing them after the two of them threatened to expose their father for years of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.

The prosecutor, on the other hand, explained that their men’s rea (intention) in committing such a crime was to gain or inherit their father’s multimillion-dollar estate.

As a result, their first trial was declared a mistrial, and the brothers were found guilty on the second trial, sentenced to life in prison, and barred from parole. In 2005, a three-judge panel denied their habeas corpus petition (illegal detention).

Lyle was moved into the same housing unit as his brother Erik on April 4, 2018, and they were finally reunited after 22 years since the first time they began serving their sentences. After meeting at the housing unit, the brothers became emotional and hugged each other.

Social Media

Rebecca Sneed is not active on any social media platforms and avoids unnecessary media attention. Rebecca may be having a good time despite the media pressure.