Robert Dempster Pretty Parents, Net Worth 2023, Age, Son

Dempster, Robert Pretty was a well-known English personality who rose to prominence as the son of Frank Pretty and Edith May Dempster. Sadly, he died on June 14, 1988, in Boldre Lymington, Hants.

However, Robert was thrust back into the media spotlight after Netflix released The Dig, a British drama film based on the events of the 1939 excavation of Sutton Hoo in Suffolk, England.

Early Life of Robert Dempster Pretty

Dempster, the Celebrity Son, was born on September 7, 1930, in Chelsea, Greater London. Pretty was born as a son to his mother, Edith May Dempster, and father, Frank Pretty. Edith, his mother, discovered the Sutton Hoo ship burial after hiring Basil Brown, a local excavator, and amateur archeologist, to investigate the mounds on her property.

Robert Dempster Pretty is his parent’s only child, and he was born when his mother, Edith, was 47 years old. When his mother died, he was only 12 years old. Robert was of White ethnicity and English nationality. He was born under the sign of Virgo.

Family of Robert Pretty

Dempster, Robert Edith Pretty, Pretty’s mother, was born in Elland, Yorkshire. Elizabeth and Robert Dempster, Robert’s grandparents, were wealthy industrialists who made their fortune manufacturing gas industry equipment.

In 1855, Edith’s great-grandfather established Robert Dempster and Sons for his family. Later, in 1884, the Dempster family relocated to Manchester, where Edith’s father established the engineering firm of R. & J. Dempster with his brother, John. Robert’s mother and her family visited Austria-Hungary, Egypt, Greece, the British Raj, and the United States.

Relationship Situation of Robert Dempster Pretty

He was a happily married man with a lovely wife and children. However, no internet sites reveal the identity of his wife or the date of his marriage. Robert and his wife had three children: Penny, David, and John.

Net Worth of Robert Dempster Pretty

After his mother died, he inherited his family’s property. After his father died in Cape Town during a visit to South Africa in 1925, his mother, Edith, and her sister Elizabeth inherited more than £500,000 – approximately £16 million in 2006.

Her mother married Frank, and she gave up the lease on Vale Royal and purchased the 213-hectare Sutton Hoo estate, which included Sutton Hoo House along the River Deben. After her death, Robert inherited all of her properties, and he became a wealthy man in the Sutton Hoo estate.

Professional Career

Dempster was the landlord of the Sutton Hoo estate and the owner of R. & J. Dempster. He inherited his family’s property after both of his parents died.

After Netflix released The Dig, a drama film based on his mother’s life, Robert became a hot topic and a media darling. This Drama film name is Carey Mulligan portrayed Edith Pretty, while Archie Barnes portrayed Robert Pretty.

Concerning his mother, Edith married Frank Pretty, son of William Tertius Pretty, owner of an Ipswich corset-making and drapery business. Despite this, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and commander of the 4th Battalion. Frank was a major in the 4th Battalion of the Suffolk Regiment and was wounded twice during the war.

Her father died of stomach cancer on his 56th birthday in 1934, and his mother died of a stroke on December 17, 1942, at the Richmond Hospital. Her body was interred in Sutton’s All Saints Churchyard.

The Death of Robert Pretty

After his mother died, Robert Dempster Pretty moved to Hampshire with his aunt Elizabeth, and they never returned to Tranmer House at Sutton Hoo.

Finally, Robert passed away in Boldre Lymington, Hampshire on June 14, 1988. Martin Carver and his team discovered a toy spade and a pair of Robert’s roller skates while digging around the Tranmer House at Sutton Hoo.