Robin Dearden Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth 2022, Husband, Kids

Robin Dearden is an American actress best known for her roles in Magnum, P.I. in 1980, Breaking Bad in 2008, and Chicanery in 2017. She is also well known for being the wife of popular actor Bryan Cranston.

Robin Dearden
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Age of Robin Dearden

Robin Dearden was born in Los Angeles, California on December 4, 1953. Robin’s parents, early life, and personal life are all unknown.

Robin Dearden
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Dearden, on the other hand, is Joe Cranston’s daughter-in-law and Kyle Edward Cranston’s sister-in-law. Robin is of white ethnicity and has American nationality.

Professional Career

Her professional career began when she made her debut on the television show ‘The Krofft Superstar Hour.’ In 1978, Robin appeared in an episode of ‘Man Undercover.’ Similarly, she appeared in the drama ‘The Incredible Hulk.’

Robin Dearden
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In 1980, she played Nancy Roberts in the television film ‘Fugitive Family.’ In the years that followed, she appeared in the TV movies Joe Dancer: The Big Trade’ and ‘Happy Days.’

Then she was cast in the drama series ‘T.J. Hooker.’ In 1983, she also appeared in an episode of ‘Knight Rider.’ From 1985 to 1989, Robin appeared in a number of TV shows, including ‘Highway to Heaven,’ ‘Airwolf,’ ‘Crazy Like a Fox,’ and ‘New Love, American Style,’ to name a few. Similarly, she appeared in the film Stitches.’

Robin appeared in several episodes of ‘Murder, She Wrote’ after joining the cast in 1987. Her husband directed her in the film ‘Last Chance,’ and she played Lauren. She starred in the films Wooly Boys’ and ‘The Illusion.’ Similarly, Dearden has extensive experience as a voice actress.

Married Life of Robin Dearden

Cranston’s second wife is Robin Dearden. In the year 1989, Robin married her husband Bryan Cranston. During the 1980s, the two met on the set of the TV show ‘Airwolf.’ Even Cranston admits there was between him and his wife.

They allegedly had a connection and flirted a lot off-script. Despite this, Dearden and Cranston maintained that nothing happened between them at the time because they were both seeing other people. They eventually began dating and eventually married.

In an unusual setting, he asked Dearden to marry him in a bathtub. Bryan asked Dearden to remove the circle from the engagement ring that was hidden on his toe when he felt it was appropriate.

According to reports, his words were, “Here’s your ring, but I can’t reach it.” “Please remove the ring from my toe.” Cranston reportedly told Dearden that he would only marry her if she agreed to have kids.

Robin married on July 8, 1989, in a private ceremony in front of their loved ones. Robin and her husband Bryan had a child together. Taylor Dearden, her child, was born on February 12, 1993.

Taylor is also an American actress best known for her role as Ophelia in the MTV series Sweet/Vicious.

Therapy Saves Robin and Cranston’s Marriage

Robin’s Bryan husband once admitted that therapy was one of the reasons his marriage lasted so long. The couple has an agreement that requires both of them to go to therapy, even if only one of them wants to.

They have also been married for over 27 years, and therapy has undoubtedly contributed to our happy marriage. According to reports, Cranston and Dearden continue to see a therapist as needed.

Robin Caught Having Sex With Her Husband On A Train

Bryan claims that while on vacation in Europe, people saw them having some romantic action. As part of their honeymoon, the couple traveled throughout the European mainland for five weeks.

Because they couldn’t resist their cravings, a couple once chose to engage in sexual activity while riding a train through a tunnel on its way from Switzerland to Italy.

Their travel agency had previously informed them that the train had a special area reserved for honeymooners.

However, the tunnel span would only be good for 15 minutes, posing a problem. The couple was in the middle of the process when the tunnel ended.

When other passengers on the train noticed Cranston and his wife half-naked, Dearden allegedly told him to “get off me.”

Net Worth of Robin Dearden

Robin has undoubtedly made a good living from her working career. According to reports, Robin Dearden has a net worth of $6 million. She used to appear in popular films and television shows, which helped her earn a lot of money.

Dearden’s husband, Bryan Cranston, has an estimated net worth of $40 million. In addition, he is paid $225,000 per episode. The couple has been living in a $2.5 million beachfront home in Ventura County.

Height of Robin Dearden

Dearden, despite her advanced age, is a lady of impeccable taste. She is still stunning and her beauty has not faded with time. Robin Dearden has a height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters).

Her body weight is 127 pounds (58kg). Similarly, Robin has hazel eyes and blonde hair.