Rudan Custodio Age, Net Worth 2023, Girlfriend, Bio

Rudan Custodio is a well-known singer-songwriter and social media sensation from the United States. He is well-known for his music videos, which he posts on his own YouTube channel. He is also a member of the 2015 founding squad group.

Age of Rudan Custodio

Rudan Custodio was born on January 4, 1994. He was born in the United States, in Virginia Beach. Later, he and his family relocated to San Antonio, Texas. He is currently 28 years old. Rudan has not disclosed his parents’ names in the media until now.

Rudan Custodio grew up with his sister Rhoda, who frequently appears on his live broadcasts with the rest of his family. Rudan, on the other hand, has not given the media any information about his sibling.

In terms of his educational background, he finished high school near his hometown’s local high school. He later attends college but drops out to concentrate on his social media career.

Net Worth of Rudan Custodio

Rudan Custodio is a popular YouTuber. Rudan has accomplished so much in his life and career. We hope to see him rise to prominence as a YouTuber. His net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Girlfriend of Rudan Custodio

In 2015, Rudan Custodio dated fellow YouNow star Maddie Welborn. Rudan and Maddie’s fan has given them the nickname “Maddie.” The couple has made numerous videos together and has frequently appeared on each other’s YouTube channels.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not work out and only lasted a few months. Maddie’s father was opposed to their relationship and asked Rudan to stop communicating with his daughter, even threatening to involve the police.

Maddie’s parents were unhappy and uneasy with the five-year age difference between them. He has also expressed his sadness and feelings on various social media accounts, mentioning their conversation via message. As a result, Rudan must deal with a variety of issues in order to recover from the breakup.

Rudan removed their photo from social media sites following their breakup. He has, however, stated that he will return soon while promoting his new Keep Your Head Up on Instagram.

Professional Career

Rudan Custodio began his YouTube journey in 2007 when he launched his YouTube channel. He has been asked to post videos on his YouTube channel, “RudanC.” Later, in 2009, he expanded his social media presence by joining the microblogging site Twitter.

In 2013, he joined another YouTube channel called “The RuduLife” to post behind-the-scenes videos. Furthermore, Rudan rose to prominence on the YouNow live broadcasting platform. Rudan is a trained dancer in addition to being a popular social media sensation.

Rudan Custodio had also taken dance lessons as a child, including ballet dancing. He gained enormous popularity after using YouNow and took the initiative to communicate with other famous people in order to form a group.

Custodio was inspired by the YouTube group “Our 2nd Life” and believed that YouNow needed a similar group. Rudan also had friendships with YouNow stars Nick Bean, Zach Clayton, Edwin Burgos, and Timmy Connors.

Instead of competing in 2015, Rudan Custodio has decided to form a squad to share their fan base. He kept his team name 5quad and quickly rose to prominence on YouNow. They then switched to other social media accounts and began performing live together. Custodio has also served as the group’s spokesperson. Furthermore, he has decided to work independently and has parted ways.

Rudan Custodio was nominated for “Best YouTube Comedian” in the 7th Shorty Award and “YouNower of the Year” in the 8th Shorty Award.

Social Media

Rudan Custodio is active on their social media account. He maintains social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and a YouTube channel. However, following his tragic breakup, he is no longer permitted to upload photos to his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

He has recently become active on Facebook and YouTube channels. Rudan’s YouTube channel has over 90.5k subscribers, his secondary YouTube channel has 15k subscribers, and his Facebook account has 8k followers.