Addison Rae’s Mother Sheri Easterling Bio, Age, Net Worth, Husband

Sheri Easterling is a well-known social media sensation in the United States. She rose to prominence after appearing in her daughter Addison Easterling’s Tik Tok videos. Sheri then created her account, which now has over 5.4 million followers.

Age of Sheri Easterling

Sheri Easterling was born on September 4, 1979. Her birthplace is the United States of America. As of 2022, she will be 43 years old. Sheri Easterling is the daughter of Donald and Mona Easterling (mother). Easterling’s father has survived cancer.

Sheri Easterling grew up alongside her sister Amy Easterling. She had a wonderful childhood with her family. Her educational background includes a degree in engineering. Sheri, on the other hand, has not revealed the name of the college or university she attended.

Professional Career

Sheri Easterling finished her engineering education. Before she began her social media journey, she was featured on Tik Tok videos by her daughter Addison Easterling. Her daughter was already famous in Tik Tok. Sheri’s followers were impressed by her dancing abilities and grace, and they demanded to see more of her.

Sheri Easterling began to appear more frequently, and people grew to adore her. Sheri even boosted her daughter’s following. Easterling launched her own social media account in August 2019, and her following quickly grew. Finally, in August 2019, she made her Tik Tok account public.

Sheri Easterling’s first music video was for the song Hungry Hippo. Her daughter Addison has also made appearances to gain many followers in a short period of time and over a million likes.

Easterling became an instant sensation on Tik Tok. Sheri then posted more videos of her husband, sons, and, most notably, her daughter.

Hi y all, the husband told me to clean today, so I mopped, when you want chick-fil-a but remember it’s Sunday, I can’t believe I did it, he wants to be in every video, I want an A for effort, and others are among Sheri’s most popular videos. Easterling has more than 5.3 million followers and has crossed the 91.5 million mark.

Sheri Easterling was also well-known on Instagram. She frequently shared photos of herself and her family in various beautiful locations. Sheri enjoys traveling and has visited Pana City, Concan, Texas, and Aruba, among other places.

Married Life of Sheri Easterling

Sheri Easterling has a married marriage. She married Monty Lopez. Monty is a well-known Tik Tok celebrity with over 1.8 million followers. The duo frequently appears in each other’s videos. The couple had not revealed when or where they married or when or where they met.

The couple has two sons, Lucas and Enzo Easterling, as well as a daughter, Addison Easterling. She is also a Tik Tok celebrity, with over 35.7 million followers and 1.7 billion likes.

Net Worth of Sheri Easterling

Sheri Easterling has become a social media sensation. She has done an outstanding job throughout her career. Sheri has amassed a sizable fortune over the course of her career.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. As an engineer, she earned around $72k per year.

Social Media

Sheri Easterling maintains social media accounts. Her social media accounts include Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Facebook. Sheri has 341.1k Twitter followers, 1.2 million Instagram followers, 13.9 million Tik Tok followers, and 943 Facebook followers.