Skylar Staten Randall Age, Mother, Net Worth 2022, Siblings

Skylar Staten Randall is a stunning American-born woman who rose to prominence as the daughter of an American photographer, fashion model, and entrepreneur Bryan Randall.

Age of Skylar Staten Randall

Skylar Staten Randall was born in America in 1993, the daughter of Bryan Randall and Janine Staten. She is currently around 29 years old based on her birth year, but her zodiac sign is still unknown because she conceals her actual birth date.

Skylar Staten Randall is of American nationality, but her ethnicity remains a mystery because she conceals information about her ethnic background.

Early Childhood and Education

Skylar Staten Randall’s childhood was difficult because she had to deal with the death of her mother while she was still a child. In terms of her parents, her father Bryan Randall, who was born on April 10, 1966, is a well-known American photographer, fashion model, and entrepreneur.

Previously, her father had a drug addiction, so he went to rehab while Skylar Staten was in his mother’s womb because her mother was pregnant. Fortunately, her father completed rehab and was able to overcome his drug addiction.

Her mother, Janine Staten, on the other hand, has an addiction that she can’t shake, and it was the primary cause of her death. Her mother died from a heroin overdose. Skylar Staten’s mother died of a heroin overdose shortly before she died.

Her mother was admitted to the hospital on December 6, 2003, but she died on January 7, 2004. She was married to another man and was living with her mother and her husband, Michael Blankenship, when she died.

Skylar Staten Randall’s stepfather, Michael, is a heroin addict and dealer.

Life after the death of her mother

Skylar Staten Randall moved in with her grandmother, Pierrette Johnson after her mother died. Unfortunately, her grandmother died on February 17, 2009. Her father did not provide her with any facilities as a child, so he was sued for unpaid child support.

Legally, he did not care for his children and did not contribute financially to their development. After her grandmother died, her father took custody of her and relocated her to Los Angeles. Her father was in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend at the time.

Her father, Bryan Randall, is currently dating Sandra Bullock, whose real name is Sandra Annette Bullock, and who is a well-known American actress and producer.

Skylar Staten Randall also attended high school for her studies before returning to Arizona. Furthermore, information about her educational background is still lacking.

Relationship Status

Skylar Staten Randall prefers to keep her personal life away from the media because she is a private and confidential person.

There are no rumors about Skylar’s relationship, so she must be enjoying her single life with her friend and family for the time being.

Skylar Staten Randall’s Career

Skylar Staten Randall rose to prominence as the daughter of Bryan Randall, a well-known American photographer, fashion model, and entrepreneur. Her father, on the other hand, is well-known as the partner of well-known American actress and producer Sandra Bullock.

Net Worth of Skylar Staten Randall

A stunning lady Skylar Staten Randall is well-known as the daughter of Bryan Randall, an American photographer, fashion model, and entrepreneur.

She currently enjoys a simple life, but her net worth is unknown, whereas her father, Bryan Randall, has an estimated net worth of $1 million to $5 million.

Height of Skylar Staten Randall

Skylar Staten Randall stands at approximately 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters) in height. She is a lovely and simple lady who looks stunning with her dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. However, more information about her physical appearance is still unknown.

Social Media

Skylar Staten Randall is not on any social media platforms, but her father, Bryan Randall, is on Instagram with the handle “@bryrandall,” where he has 15.8K followers and 329 posts.