Stacey Englehart Age, Salary, Bio, Wedding, Net Worth 2023

The outstanding charm and interviewing skills of Stacey Englehart have made her a well-known figure. Over the course of her career, Stacey Englehart has also held positions as an on-air host, program director, brand ambassador, music director, creative director, and news director.

Age of Stacey Englehart

Stacey Englehart was born in Campbellton, New Brunswick, although we don’t know the exact date because she values her privacy in these matters. Stacey was born as the daughter of unknown parents since she prefers to be quiet and respect her parents’ privacy.

This young celebrity’s age is currently unknown because she hasn’t provided her exact date of birth. Stacey Englehart is an American national, but we don’t know her ethnicity because she hasn’t said. Stacey Englehart’s zodiac sign is uncertain, though, as her birth date is unknown.


Englehart attended a nearby high school where she finished her high school studies before continuing her education at a reputable institution.

What is the Net Worth of Stacey Englehart?

Throughout her career, She has earned a respectable salary in addition to extra money from ads and brand endorsements. Her estimated net worth is $800,000, but she also has additional income from assets, and she works hard to enhance it.

However, in addition to earning the typical host salary of $2,847 per month, she also made $106,057 as a TV anchor

Married Life of  Stacey Englehart

Stacey Englehart is already married, having exchanged vows with Johnny Salerno, On August 18, 2013. Johnny and Stacey, who were good friends, started dating after falling in love. But after a while of dating, they made the decision to wed in a private ceremony on a private day.

Johnny Stacey and Stacey were blessed with a daughter before Johnny Stacey started dating Zoron Posts on September 9, 2009.

Height of Stacey Englehart

With a height of 5 feet 6 inches, Stacey Englehart is a tall person. Stacey Englehart has kept her weight at 55 kg, or 121 lbs. In addition, she has maintained an unidentified body type due to the unknown dimensions of her hips, waist, and chest. She does, however, have blonde hair and grey eyes.

Professional Career

Stacey Englehart started her live hosting career in her hometown as the program chief and on-air host for CKNB. She has contributed to a number of programs, including Better Living TV and For Your Life. Stacey Englehart also works as a brand power Canada and USA broadcaster. In addition, she typically operates the microphone for Jewel 88.5 during events from 5.30 am to 10 am on working mornings.

She also founded the voice company Englehart Productions and is the owner of that business. Stacey Englehart operated her business out of her home and worked as a radio host for 20 years, which gave her everything. Stacey could have whatever fame, riches, and reputation she desired. In addition to this, Stacey relocated to Kitchener in 2003, where she worked as a co-host of a morning radio show on stations like CKWR 98.5, CHYM FM, and 570 News.

Social Media

On social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Englehart is active. More than 2,000 people follow her on her account, @staceyonair. In addition, she has a Twitter account with the handle @staceyonair and more than 2.4k followers.

She also introduced herself as a TV/Radio host, voice-over artist, and brand power host when she joined in January 2011. Stacey Englehart also made public the website for her program.