Robin Meade’s Husband Tim Yeager Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career

Tim Yeager is an American businessman best known as the husband of news anchor, singer, and author Robin Meade. Tim Yeager is also a successful business owner.

Age of Tim Yeager

Tim Yeager was born on January 1, 1970, in Charles City, Lowa, United States. As of 2022, he is 52 years old and a naturalized American citizen who practices Christianity. Similarly, his birth sign is Aquarius, and he currently resides in Charles City.

Yeager also has two brothers who have grown into responsible men. Furthermore, Yeager’s parents are retired and have a strong marriage despite being married for many years. After all these years, Yeager’s parents still prefer each other’s company and can make each other laugh.

They share common interests and respect one another. Such traits indicate that Yeager and his brothers grew up in a loving home and inherited wonderful traits from their parents, particularly honesty and respect.

However, there is no information available about Yeager’s parents or siblings. Perhaps Yeager does not want to talk about his family because he wants to keep them out of the spotlight. We hope Yeager will provide more information about her family to the media in the future.


In terms of education, Tim Yeager grew up in Charles City and received his high school diploma there.

He then attended the University of Iowa college, where he studied history and Russian. Yeager earned his bachelor’s career in the early 1990s and has since worked in both the non-profit and business sectors.

During his university years, Yeager participated in a variety of recreational activities and took a variety of training classes, which greatly aided his presentation skills.

Professional Career

Some men would scoff at the prospect of marrying a woman who is more successful than them, but others, including Tim Yeager, are unconcerned about such matters. Yeager is from Ohio and has had a successful career in non-profit organizations.

Yeager is also a successful business owner. The couple, better known as Robin Meade’s husband, have been together for nearly three decades and have managed to keep their union together despite their hectic schedules. The couple believes that their hectic schedules have contributed to the longevity of their marriage.

Tim Yeager has worked in the non-profit sector in the legal department of H.E.L.P, an Iowa-based organization that assists society’s underprivileged. He was elected treasurer and financial secretary for Chicago-based UAW local 2320 as a result of his work with H.E.L.P. and other similar organizations.

The United Auto Workers (UAW) is a labor union in the United States that represents the majority of workers in federally funded legal services programs, as well as workers in non-profit and public-interest organizations. Until 2013, Yeager served as treasurer and financial secretary for the local Chicago chapter.

Tim Yeager makes a living by running his own wireless wholesale business, in addition to the humanitarian service he provides through his involvement in non-profit endeavors.

Endorsements for Brands

Yeager has not endorsed or promoted any brand, nor has he been seen in any brand collaborations.

Nominations and Awards

Tim Yeager has not been nominated for or received any awards, nor has he received any prestigious titles. His wife Robin Meade, on the other hand, rose to prominence after winning the Miss Ohio beauty pageant in 1992. She went on to establish an award-winning career as a journalist, proving that she is more than just a pretty face.

During the 1990s, Meade worked as an anchor and reporter for local TV stations in Miami, Chicago, Cleveland, and Columbus. Her brilliance shone through, and she was hired in 2001 by HLN, a CNN spin-off.

She is still there and hosts Morning Express with Robin Meade on weekdays. Meade’s work has garnered her a slew of awards, including a regional Emmy. She has two country music albums and a book to her name, in addition to her anchor work.

Married Life of Tim Yeager

Tim Yeager and Robin Meade met in college and later married on November 6, 1993. Robin Meade has undoubtedly accomplished much in her career, and her husband, Tim Yeager, has been by her side since the beginning.

According to the story, Yeager first met Meade in college and instantly fell in love with her. He knew she was the one right away and wasted no time approaching her. Fortunately, she liked him too, and they started dating seriously.

Their romance lasted until they graduated from college around 1990/1991. In their bedroom wedding in northern Ohio, Yeager surprised his bride with a heartfelt gesture of 100 red roses.

However, neither Yeager nor Meade have children. There is also no information on Yeager’s previous relationships or girlfriends.

Net Worth of Tim Yeager

Tim Yeager is an American businessman best known as the husband of Robin Meade who has amassed a substantial fortune through his work. Yeager’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.

His wife Robin Meade, on the other hand, is a news anchor, singer, and author with an estimated net worth of $8 million.


There is a rumor that Yeager and his wife Meade are having marital problems. The couple is assumed to have divorced because they are rarely seen together in public. There is a rumor on social media that his wife Meade is having an affair with another boyfriend.

Height of Tim Yeager

Yeager stands 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 70 kilograms. Furthermore, Yeager’s eyes are brown and his hair is black. Yeager’s shoe size is also 7. (US).

Social Media

Yeager does not use social media. Yeager prefers to be present and to keep his personal life private, so he avoids social networking sites. His wife, Robin Meade, on the other hand, is very active on Instagram and has a large fan base.