Tommy Zizzo Car Accident, Erika Jayne’s Son, Wife, Net Worth, Career

Tommy Zizzo was an American police officer best known as the late son of Erika Girardi, popularly known as Erika Jayne, an American singer, actress, and television personality. He was Erika’s younger son, whom she had kept hidden from the rest of the world.

Erika is well-known for her appearance on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Early Life of Tommy Zizzo

Tommy Zizzo was born in New York, New York, to Erica Jayne and her first husband, Thomas Zizzo, in 1994. His parents first met in a Manhattan nightclub. At the club, his father was a DJ. Erica and Thomas married in 1991. Erica has an older brother, Thomas Zizzo Jr., whose parents divorced when Tommy was only one and a half years old.

Tommy was raised solely by his mother, Erica. His mother married Thomas “Tom” Girardi, the founder of the law firm “Girardi & Keese,” for the second time. They never had children and divorced in 2020. Tommy is of white ethnicity and of American nationality.


Tommy Zizzo attended Rhodes Preparatory School in Manhattan, New York. He briefly attended New York College before deciding to become a police officer. Tommy and his mother relocated to Los Angeles, where he attended the Police Department Academy.

Wife of Tommy Zizzo

Tommy Zizzo was a single man who was devoted to his job. He still had the best years of his life ahead of him. Erika Jayne, Tommy’s mother, once posted a photo of him in a full police uniform.

Her detractors left several negative comments on her post, which she handled flawlessly and clapped back at. Tommy has a proud mother who is willing to go to war for him. Erika expressed her admiration for Tommy and his unwavering support for her.

Net Worth of Tommy Zizzo

Tommy Zizzo led a simple existence. Tommy was never drawn to fame, and he always lived his life his way. Tommy was a hard worker who kept a low profile. According to sources, he has a net worth of $300,000, while his mother, Erika, has a net worth of $5 million.

Tommy had appeared on the red carpet several times when he was younger. He became less interested in the spotlight and social media as he grew older. Despite his mother’s growing celebrity, he remained focused on his career. He was a simple man who led a respectable life.

The Cause of Death

Tommy had a brief life. Tommy went to Tom Girardi’s mansion after hearing about the house burglary, according to his mother. Tommy was on his way back from helping his mother’s ex-husband with the report when he came across a car accident.

There is no additional information, but he died on September 15, 2021, at the age of 27.

Height of Tommy Zizzo

Tommy Zizzo was a fine-looking man. He had an athletic body type. There is no specific information about his height, weight, or body measurements. Tommy’s physical characteristics were brown hair and blue eyes. He also had a tall physique.