What is Tyler Zed Age? Net Worth 2023, Bio, Parents

Tyler Zed is well-known as a YouTuber and content creator. From 2011 to 2015, he also served in the United States Air Force four times. Tyler is also organizing a memorial for the fallen warhorses and a support group for those affected by the field’s trauma.

Tyler Zed collaborated on a book titled “101 Data That’ll Make Your Liberal Friend Walk Away” in 2018. The book primarily focuses on liberalist political programs that emotionally manipulate voters and the mass media. He has also been running the YouTube channel Zeducation since 2018.

Age of Tyler Zed

Tyler Zed served in the United States Air Force from 2011 to 2015. Tyler Zed has not revealed his exact date of birth, birthplace, parents, siblings, or educational background in the media as of yet.

Tyler Zed’s Net Worth 2023

Zed is a well-known YouTuber. He has also served four times in the Air Force. Tyler has done an excellent job throughout his career. Zed’s net worth has not been disclosed. However, when all of his income sources are considered, Zed’s net worth could be in the $100,000-$200,000 range. Tyler’s career may provide him with a large amount of capital.

Professional Career

He recalls those four occasions as the craziest of his life. Zed, an establishment expert supporter, is currently working on developing a system to honor those who gave their lives for the country while also assisting warhorses who have returned home and are suffering from field fire.

Zed reflected on his Twitter account on 15 August 2021, criticizing the Taliban’s seizure of Kabul, Afghanistan. He chastised the conduct of the contending Washington politicians, who led the US Service over 20 times to fight the Taliban in the conflicted region, only for it all to be for naught after the seizure.

Zed and Dylan Wheeler collaborated on a book called “101 Data That’ll Convince Your Liberal Friend to Walk Away” in 2018. In the book, Zed proposes political and emotional manipulation, which causes the selector to become visionless with sadness and outrage. He also wrote about munitions, mass destruction, gun laws, and the state of the United States after 9/11, which prompted the service to establish itself in Iraq.

As the title suggests, he was critical of the liberals’ use of identity as a source of vulnerability and division, as well as their control over news sources where they debunk data. Initially, Zed suggests that the florilegium open its eyes to see the political games that are taking place and walk down for their own good. Zed launched his Zeducation YouTube channel in 2018, and as of November 2021, he had over 845k subscribers.

Through the channel, he promotes political issues and entertainment, individual liberty, term limits for Congress, media dissimulation, corrupted politicians, memes, Hollywood drama, and other causes. He also has other YouTube channels, videlicet, Zedumentaries, DEEV, with over 4.84 million subscribers, and Tee Time, with 90 subscribers as of November 2021.

He launched Zedcast, a podcast YouTube channel, in 2019, and Apple Podcast in 2020. In his podcasts, he discusses specific Bitcoin-related issues, recent conspiracy theories, current events, and his ideas and narrative.

Married Life of Tyler Zed

Tyler Zed has a married marriage. The couple married in 2021. Tyler has not revealed any information about his woman. Zed took a break from his YouTube channel and decided to plan his wedding. The couple will have a child in February 2021.

Social Media

Zed maintains a social media presence. He is active on social media, with accounts on Twitter (@realTylerZed), Instagram, and YouTube. Tyler’s Instagram account has over 55k followers, his Twitter account has 129k followers, and his YouTube channel has 845k subscribers.