Viviana Coles Husband, Age, Height, Weight Loss Journey, Married

Who would have thought that watching a marriage reality show would make you famous? We are all aware that television series is the best way to bring any story to life. Furthermore, if the series depicts real people’s lives, it will make even more sense to watch it! It’s because we can all relate to some contestant or character on any television show. Similarly, today we have the opportunity to learn more about Married at First Sight’s therapist, Viviana Coles.

Viviana Coles, also known as Dr. Viviana Coles, is a well-known American reality television star and intimate expert. She is best known for her appearances on the reality television show Married at First Sight. Viviana is well-known not only for her acting abilities but also for her views on hot topics. She is a well-known Relationship and Sex Therapist who has educated thousands of people all over the world. We already know about her work, but today we’ll learn more about her personal life.

Age of Viviana Coles

Despite the age that she has never revealed her birthday, it appears that she is between the ages of 30 and 35. In terms of nationality, it appears that she was born in the United States.

Viviana Coles
Caption: Viviana Coles (Sources: Instagram)

As a result, her race is American, and her ethnicity is mixed. Her Libano father and half-Columbian mother give her a mixed ethnic background.


In terms of her primary education, it appears that she completed her primary and secondary education at her local schools and colleges. She then continued her education at Southwestern University.

After graduating from Southwestern University, she continued her education at Duchesne Academy. She finally retired from therapy in 2012.

In Married at First Sight, did Viviana Coles find a husband?

No, Viviana Coles did not enter the television show as a contestant, but rather as a Therapist. She counseled those in need, saved several relationships from failing, and separated from inappropriate relationships.

Viviana Coles
Caption: Viviana Coles (Sources: Instagram)

Despite her enthusiasm for the television show, he only worked on it for more than three years. She has worked on over 80 episodes over the years.

Is Viviana Coles Married?

Yes, the well-known therapist is married to her husband, Bob. Despite the fact that she has shared very little information about her husband, they both appear to enjoy each other’s company.

In addition to her husband, we learned that they have two children together. As a result, they are two per two happy families.

Viviana Coles’s Weight Loss Journey

We recommend following her on Instagram if you want to learn more about her life and struggles. It’s because she’s been posting various things about intimacy and other aspects of her life on Instagram.

Despite the fact that she has shared very little information about herself, there is one video in which she states that she worked very hard to lose weight. So, to learn more about her journey, go to her Instagram page, @Viviana Coles.

Net Worth of Viviana Coles

She is a relationship therapist as well as a well-known television celebrity. With so many revenue streams and other forms of social media marketing combined.

We believe she earns a substantial amount of money! So, how much money does she make? The popular television star’s net worth is expected to be around $400k in 2022. The number of fans following has increased the income sources once again.

Height of Viviana Coles

She now stands at 5 feet and 5.5 inches after losing weight, as evidenced by her now-reduced weight of 68kgs.

Aside from that, she has the facial structure of a typical mixed-race person, with hazel eyes and black hair. We couldn’t learn anything about her zodiac sign because we didn’t know her birthdate.