Yung Blasian Age, Height, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, Bio

Yung Blasian is a well-known Instagram star, Tik Toker, and Youtuber. On her Instagram account, she is known for sharing her lifestyle, fashion, beautiful photographs, and reels.

Age of Yung Blasian

Yung Blasian was born on September 15, 1998. Her birthplace is Hayward, California. As of 2022, she will be 24 years old. Yung has not disclosed any information about her parents or siblings.

In terms of her educational background, she has completed her higher-level education at a reputable university near her hometown.

Professional Career

Yung Blasian is a well-known Instagram star and a young artist. She started her career as a social media sensation. Yung has more than 1.1 million Instagram followers. Yung amassed a large fan base on her account through her photos with inspirational captions and reels.

Blasian posts her shoots with fabulous clothes and unique poses on Instagram, and she is well-known for her excellent performance.

In addition to Instagram, she has a YouTube channel called The Real Blasian. On October 20, 2016, she joined the YouTube channel. She has more than 63.9k subscribers and over 17 million views.

Tattoos by Yung Blasian

Yung Blasian has numerous tattoos all over her body. She created 22-minute YouTube videos to show and discuss her tattoos. When she was 18, she got her first tattoo, which said, “God is within her, she does not stall.” Her ankle had her second tattoo. She was inspired by Rihanna for her second tattoo, which is her birth year, “1998.”

On the back of Yung Blasian is an inked dragon with her mother’s name. Her fourth tattoo is her father’s birth date on her soldier. Her fifth tattoo is a blessing inked on her ankle. Yung got her sixth tattoo, some inspirational lines, on her inner arm. Her final tattoo is on her neck.

Surgery in Yung Blasian

In a video posted on March 1, 2021, Yung Blasian informed her fans that she had decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Yung revealed that, despite her interest in fashion, she was unable to wear certain types of clothes confidently due to the shape of her body and desired to go through the procedure for an extended period of time.

Yung Blasian announced that the surgery was set for the 5th of that month and provided information about the doctor and clinic she chose for the procedure. Blasian also shared two videos in which she discussed her experiences.

Yung also stated that she and the doctor had a promotional deal for the procedure and would reveal more information on their respective Instagram accounts.

Boyfriend of Yung Blasian

Yung Blasian is currently in a romantic relationship. She is currently dating NLE Choppa. He is an American rapper and songwriter. Choppa is best known for his 2019 breakout single “Shotta Flow,” which was certified platinum by the RIAA.

In 2020, the couple began dating. The couple recently welcomed their first child, but her name has yet to be revealed.

Net Worth of Yung Blasian

Yung Blasian is a well-known social media personality. This is because she has done so well in her career. Yung has amassed a sizable fortune over the course of her career. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Social Media

Yung Blasian maintains a social media presence. Her social media accounts include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Yung has over 1.1 million Instagram followers, 77.3k Twitter followers, 3.4k Facebook followers, and 63.9k YouTube channel, subscribers.