Yusef Rasheed Age, Bio, Net Worth 2023, Her Height

Yusef Rasheed is a well-known personality who rose to prominence after marrying Oracene Price, a coach.

Age of Yusef Rasheed

Yusef Rasheed was born in the United States of America on an unknown date. He was born to parents whose identities are unknown because he prefers privacy. This talented young man has not revealed his age because his exact birth date is unknown.

Yusef Rasheed is of African-American ethnicity and has American nationality. Aside from that, he hasn’t revealed his zodiac because his exact date of birth is unknown, but he could be a strong zodiac sign and a Christian.

Height of Yusef Rasheed

Yusef Rasheed is a tall man who has maintained an average height and weight throughout his life. Aside from that, he has kept his body measurements average, including his chest size, waist size, and hip size.

He does, however, have lovely brown hair and brown eyes, which complement his humble and decent demeanor.


He attended a local high school to complete his high school education before enrolling in a reputable university to further his education.

Professional Career

Yusef Rasheed has not revealed his career, but his wife began as a coach and founded the OWL Foundation. The OWL Foundation aims to provide a financial and educational foundation for students. Yusef Rasheed got married to Oracene Price.

After a few years, the couple had three children: Yetunde Price, Isha Price, and Lyndrea Price. Yusef Rasheed has received an award, but his wife has received several awards, including the US Open, Olympic Gold Medal, WTA Tour Championships, French Open, Career Golden Slam- Doubles, and US Open.

Rasheed, Yusef The Cause of Death

He died in 1979 as a result of a heart attack. However, his family was shocked by his sudden death, and his wife took care of and raised their kids. In addition to this death, Yusef and Price’s elder daughter, Yetunde, was murdered on September 14, 2003, in Compton, Los Angeles County, California.

According to the prosecution, she was with her boyfriend when she was murdered by two members of the southside Campton crips street gang who opened fire on the SUV and was pronounced dead after arriving at a hospital because a bullet passed through her head.

Following her husband’s death, she married Richard Williams, an American tennis coach, in a private ceremony attended by close family, friends, and relatives in 1980. Richard and Oracene had two children, Venus Williams, born on June 17, 1980, and Serena Williams, born on September 26, 1981.

Their children are both tennis players. Their relationship, however, did not last long, and they decided to divorce in 2000, which was finalized in 2002 after a legal process.

What is Yusef Rasheed’s Net Worth?

Yusef Rasheed earns a good living and supplements his income with brand endorsements and advertisements. His actual net worth is unknown, but his wife earns a good living from his career and has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million, which will grow with additional hardware and projects.

Aside from that, Oracene’s daughter earns a good living and supplements her income through brand endorsements and advertisements. Oracene’s daughter is estimated to be worth $210 million.

Social Media

Yusef Rasheed is no longer on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. He wasn’t active before, either, because he preferred to live a normal life despite the popularity of social media.